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"Questi sono i miei Fiumi",
Giuseppe Ungaretti (1888-1970)
"These are my Rivers",
Lawrence Ferlinghetti (1919)

This journal is an attempt to build a cartography of the explorations I and I are doing in life: a collection of experiences, encounters, ideas and things learned outside of the usual box.

Our research method is nomadic, aims always at crossing borders and seeks liberty of thought, healthy criticism and hopefully good humour.

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Je ne parle pas logique, je parle générosité (André Breton)

This website develops its narrative mostly in text, inviting you to read and explore this exegesis: browse and search the contents using the menu, read them on-line or download the PDF version of each page for later reading on your e-text device.

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Suggestions, criticism and comments are well accepted: if you like, contact me.


Jaromil's Research 2010 PDF

A diary noting down FOSS and tech related research, day by day findings and curiosities, collecting future and past thoughts.

Jaromil's Research 2009 PDF

A diary noting down FOSS and tech related research, day by day findings and curiosities, collecting future and past thoughts.

Jaromil's Research 2008 PDF

A diary noting down FOSS and tech related research, day by day findings and curiosities, collecting future and past thoughts.

Indonesian diary PDF

My first trip in 2008 through Indonesia: records of cultural, technological and artistic encounters along the way.


Wikileaks cablegates PDF

Some reflections on the release of the cablegates leaked documents hosted by Wikileaks

Three frames from the life and death of Jean Charles de Menezes PDF

This article is a theoretical inquiry about the death of the Brazilian citizen Jean Charles de Menezes, shot in London at Stockwell tube station on 22 July 2005 by unknown specialist firearms officers.

Italy in 2009 PDF

Commentaries on the tumultuous state of the Italian Republic written during 2009

EEEPC 300EUR GNU/Linux laptop PDF

This new net-book is amazingly cheap, completely solid state and very efficient for travelling use

The globe-trotter Cyclown Circus PDF

This amazing group of young gypsies travelled the world by bike, reaching the far east countries of southern Asia.

Hackers meet in Jakarta PDF

Written account of a small meeting of hackers informally held in Jakarta on February 2008: a roundup on initiatives, ideas and criticism on hacker spaces in Indonesia and elsewhere.

Taring Padi artist collective PDF

An Indonesian artist collective of international fame producing amazing paintings.


dyne:bolic GNU/Linux the Nomadic Multimedia OS PDF

dyne:bolic is shaped on the needs of media activists, artists and creatives as a practical tool for multimedia production


HasciiCam PDF

Streams live ASCII video on the web :: (h)ascii for the masses!

ASCII Shell Forkbomb PDF

You just have to type these 13 characters :(){ :|:& };: in a console terminal to crash any computer running a Unix-like operating system.

Farah PDF

a net-art project employing internet's privileges to unveil a beauty usually hidden by war. All the materials consist in photos audio and texts collected during a trip thru Jerusalem, Gaza, Bethlehem, Hebron and Ramallah in war times. Despite the context, war is never depicted in any published material.

Time Based Text PDF

Allows writers to include more information in their text by saving the time delta between keystrokes and offering an exact way to reproduce it.



A funky piece with a powerful bass-line and improvised piano keyboard

Korova nicest dreams PDF

A relaxing smooth jazz piece performed with a piano keyboard on multiple tracks

Live in Makrolab PDF

A live improvised performance executed with congas, electronic music, circuit-bending and voice

Live in Wien PDF

A live improvised performance executed with saxophone, congas and semi-acoustic guitar


Il Cecchino PDF

A city under siege seen from the eyes of a sniper and the people above and below him

Il Cercastorie PDF

An epistolary novel about a guy that suddenly starts finding stories hidden everywhere...

Il Piantachiodi PDF

A very short monologue by an emigrant working in Queensland, written by four hands

Milano - Napoli PDF

A trip by car between Milano and Napoli


Design for Commoning PDF

An end goal for Bricolabs: a design pattern that uses uncommon ground as a resource.

Neruda's seabirds PDF

A lyrical cut & paste of physiological doubts and aesthetic vocations

Network Collectivism PDF

A pre-lyrical attempt to overcome post-modernism and individualism, noted down in Vienna on a Stormy Monday in 2001.

Manifesto of Post Futurism PDF

We declare that the splendor of the world has been enriched by a new beauty: the beauty of Autonomy. Cars are immobile like stupid slumbering tortoises in the city traffic. Only slowness is fast.

About Proximity PDF

A collective study on physical and sentimental distances in the cyber-world

Zero Dollar Laptop Manifesto PDF

The zero dollar laptop has already been distributed, but you were not told about it at the time of distribution.


The Weaver Birds PDF

This document is an open (in fieri) Magna Carta Libertatum: a programmatic, visionary and inclusive document to reclaim the space for the GNU generations, proposing a plan to be shared and that is already shared by many.

Piracy, Privacy and Thought Control PDF

This lecture focuses on the progressive intrusion of anti-piracy campaigns into the privacy of citizens worldwide, the threat to civil rights represented by IPRED2 and an appeal to enforce cryptographic encryption in commonly used operating systems. It was held in 2007 at the Ars Electronica Symposium "GOODBYE PRIVACY".

Rastasoft - Freedom of Creation PDF

This software is about Resistance inna babylon world which tries to control more and more the way we communicate and we share informations and knowledge.

Gli Uccelli Tessitori PDF

Questo documento e' una Magna Carta Libertatum ancora aperta (in fieri): un documento programmatico, visionario ed inclusivo che intende reclama il legittimo spazio della nuova generazione GNU, proponendo un piano da condividere e gia' condiviso da molto.

:(){ :|:& };: - ou de la bohème digitale PDF

An exploration of the phenomenon of software viruses: combination of rebellious poetic gestures, symptoms of politics or structure, attempts to get into the cracks of the net and artificial intelligences which have always populated the digital universe. Translated in english, german, italian.


dyne.org free software foundry PDF

A grassroot network of hackers developing software since year 2000, lowering hardware requirements for media publishing to raise freedom of expression.

dyne:bolic - GNU/Linux multimedia live-CD PDF

dyne:bolic is shaped on the needs of media activists artists and creatives as a practical tool for multimedia production, being easy to employ without installation and supporting old computers. This project is running since December 2001.

Streamtime PDF

Streamtime is a loose network of media activists dedicated to assist local media to get connected from crisis areas.


Video Mapping Workshop PDF

Notes for the Video Mapping workshop held in NIMk Artlab during 2010

MA class on Art, Theory & Techniques of Free Software PDF

Make Radio PDF

This workshop includes an hands-on experience employing GNU/Linux for digital radio making and a short theoretical overview on the significance of this media.

Video making workshop with Rana Ghose PDF

I was involved in the i4d festival, at the GK3 conference, to lend expertise for the video workshop, facilitated by Rana Ghose, which was held in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)


Who is musing here PDF

More informations about the person behind this journal

How this journal is made PDF

An overview on the technology adopted to make this journal

Invite me for a beer :) PDF

To support my activity and keep my morale high you can wire me some spare money for a beer.

Why this journal PDF

The purpose of this journal and who is supporting it

Information resources PDF

Online news and debate spaces that are consulted regularly, among those contributing to the contents of this journal

What you'll find here? PDF

What this journal has to offer to its readers


Design Patterns between Free Software and Permaculture PDF

Slides shown in the Free Software Nordic Society conference in Gothenburg on October 2010: a synchretic experiment to link design patterns across two very different domains and disciplines, bridging the gap between analog and digital, linking grassroot community design experiences.

Cyberpunk is not dead PDF

A look at the cultural phenomenon of cyber-punk and its progression through time, with arguments on its persistence at present time, interpreting the post-dotcom hacker movements as a plausible continuation. Staged at GOGBOT and Plumberconf, it includes movie excerpts from Lain and Brazil.

Open Source Design PDF

A progression on the critique of "closed source" design by looking at the the characteristics of "open source" systems in different fields as art, anthropology and agriculture.

Dyne.org Hackers Network PDF

Slides used for a short flash-talk presentation of the dyne.org network in the GNU hackers meeting held in Den Haag in 2010

Crowd Economy and Digital Precarity PDF

An overview of the "flexitariat" labour conditions in the digital context, presented as my #3 PhD research update in the CAiiA/M-Node joint session, 10 July 2010, Plymouth

Coltan and Blood PDF

Staged and discussed on 31 January 2009 for a Salon discussion in Transmediale.de, with the participation of Brian Holmes, Claire Pentecost, Jan Engelmann, Dominique Malaquais and "Tantalum Memorial" co-author Graham Harwood.

Warnet Indonesia (Italian) PDF

Staged on 4 January 2009 in a 20min. speech for the Premio Fava (anti-mafia journalism) in Palazzolo Acreide (Sicily), later discussed with Riccardo Orioles and other guests.

Internet of Things PDF

Staged in October 2008 for the launch of the "Internet of Things" book (ed. Institute of Network Cultures) held in the Teatrum Anatomicum of the Waag Society for Old and New Media, Amsterdam.

Kunst akademie vorlesung PDF

Lecture held in art academies during 2009

Warnet Indonesia (English) PDF

Staged in October 2008 in a 20min. speech for the Kudeta evening (Coup d'Etat and Reconciliation in Indonesia) hosted by Killer.tv in the Teatrum Anatomicum of the Waag Society for Old and New Media, Amsterdam, among other guests present: Saskia Wieringa, Heri Latief, Max Lane, Yanti.

Creazione dal basso e P2P PDF

Lecture held at the Live Performers Meeting 2009

dyne:bolic nomadic operating system PDF

Staged in July 2008 for a 15 min. presentation at ISEA2008 (Singapore) for the session "Contested Space, Contested Media" chaired by Tapio Makela.

FreeJ Vision Mixer PDF

Staged in 2008 for the Digitale Pioniers, a Dutch fund that is supporting the development of FreeJ software

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