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Inspiring annotations, documents and ideas for a GNU way of life :)

Design for Commoning PDF

An end goal for Bricolabs: a design pattern that uses uncommon ground as a resource.

Neruda's seabirds PDF

A lyrical cut & paste of physiological doubts and aesthetic vocations

Network Collectivism PDF

A pre-lyrical attempt to overcome post-modernism and individualism, noted down in Vienna on a Stormy Monday in 2001.

Manifesto of Post Futurism PDF

We declare that the splendor of the world has been enriched by a new beauty: the beauty of Autonomy. Cars are immobile like stupid slumbering tortoises in the city traffic. Only slowness is fast.

About Proximity PDF

A collective study on physical and sentimental distances in the cyber-world

Zero Dollar Laptop Manifesto PDF

The zero dollar laptop has already been distributed, but you were not told about it at the time of distribution.

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