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Invite me for a beer :)

If you enjoy my musings, get inspired and like to keep on reading: please consider making a donation to keep this activity alive.

Since I've moved to northern Europe I discover that the art of making beer can be as fine as that of making wine. I enjoy drinking beers made by micro-breweries: they reach high levels of quality, offering distinctive tastes above those flattened by the industrial production scale, offering a wide range of fermented characters for the voluptuous choice of my leisure and pleasure.

Besides being cheerful by nature, the micro-brewery production offers an inspiring panorama of alternative economies that still survive to the competition of the mega-corporations and the globalised market. This kind of beer production often implies fermentation in bottle, small scale development and a wider range of ingredients and blends besides the most popular Pils.

But now let's go to the point

This page is about supporting me and my good taste, so here we go:

why don't you (virtually) invite me for a good beer? :)

It will help my good humor and motivation, to know there are so many people around I can virtually toast with, plus it might help to support my expenses. I'm a proud client of the Bierkoning micro-brewery shop nearby the Dam square in Amsterdam: this humble luxury cheers me up at the average price of 50 EUR per month, reaching peeks of 100 EUR expenses a month when I buy crates to cheer up with familiars.

In my experience on-line donations never really worked to get rich, while I've never really insisted for people to wire me money. But maybe now there is a good reason :) and micro-payments are an appealing economy to try, so I'll document the expenses below, along with my taste and seasonal choices.

My all-time favourite beers are made by breweries around the Flanders: for instance Christoffel in Limburg and Witkap Pater in Ninove. I particularly enjoy drinking bottles like Stimulo, XX Bitter and Oud Zottegems, whose price is approximately between 4 and 8 EUR per liter, while the choice falls often on La Chouffe when I'm served by the tap. However, good beers are also brewed elsewhere: in USA for instance a wide range of choices if offered by the Left Hand Brewing company and ales and stouts made by Rogue. And if you really miss a micro-brewery in your surrounding you can always do it yourself: have a look at the FREE BEER recipes, they release new versions every year.


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