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Here are found public statements in the form of websites, lectures, declamations or printouts; all issues that were too important to be kept intimate.

The Weaver Birds PDF

This document is an open (in fieri) Magna Carta Libertatum: a programmatic, visionary and inclusive document to reclaim the space for the GNU generations, proposing a plan to be shared and that is already shared by many.

Piracy, Privacy and Thought Control PDF

This lecture focuses on the progressive intrusion of anti-piracy campaigns into the privacy of citizens worldwide, the threat to civil rights represented by IPRED2 and an appeal to enforce cryptographic encryption in commonly used operating systems. It was held in 2007 at the Ars Electronica Symposium "GOODBYE PRIVACY".

Rastasoft - Freedom of Creation PDF

This software is about Resistance inna babylon world which tries to control more and more the way we communicate and we share informations and knowledge.

Gli Uccelli Tessitori PDF

Questo documento e' una Magna Carta Libertatum ancora aperta (in fieri): un documento programmatico, visionario ed inclusivo che intende reclama il legittimo spazio della nuova generazione GNU, proponendo un piano da condividere e gia' condiviso da molto.

:(){ :|:& };: - ou de la bohème digitale PDF

An exploration of the phenomenon of software viruses: combination of rebellious poetic gestures, symptoms of politics or structure, attempts to get into the cracks of the net and artificial intelligences which have always populated the digital universe. Translated in english, german, italian.

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