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MA class on Art, Theory & Techniques of Free Software

English description

This course will introduce students to the aesthetics of the free software creative universe, to the instruments adopted and in course of development. We will explore source code with a linguistic approach, looking for possibilities to define and adopt new languages for practical and conceptual creativity and description, deconstructing the established syntactic and semantic rules imposed by applications on the consumer market.

The practical part of the course will focus on using and customising language based tools for the creation and publication of audio, video and text, among them: FreeJ, Fluxus, Context Free Art, Emacs, Muse-el, Latex, TBT.

Italian description

Questo modulo formativo introdurra' gli studenti alle sensibilita' estetiche proprie dell'universo creativo del software libero, nonche' agli strumenti adoperati ed in via di sviluppo. Verra' esplorato l'universo linguistico dei codici sorgenti, la possibilita' di definire ed adoperare nuovi linguaggi per la generazione di materiali visivi e sonori, decostruendo le relazioni sintattiche e semantiche pre-stabilite dalle applicazioni sul mercato di consumo.

La pratica del seminario vertera' sull'uso e la personalizzazione di software basati sul linguaggio per la creazione di audio video e testi, fra i quali: FreeJ, Fluxus, Context Free Art, Emacs, Muse-el, Latex, TBT.


For the theoretical part, participants are requested to read and comment on the following texts:

Target audience

This course is intended for MA students coming from either a technical and humanistic studies backgrounds (even better if with mixed classes) willing to engage the novelty of free software approaches from both a theoretical and practical perspective. It requires basic knowledge of GNU/Linux/BSD systems and the interest to approach activities of design and invention taking into account both cultural and technical implications.

Recommended study backgrounds:

Topics explored

Current hosts

School Course Period Length
WDKA1 Rotterdam (NL) MDMA Oct-Dec 2008, 2010 72 h
NABA2 Milano (IT) D3D May 2008, 2009 24 h

1. Willem de Konig Academy, Piet Zwart Institute

2. Nuova Accademia delle Belle Arti

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