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Rastasoft - Freedom of Creation

Jah Rastafari Livity bless our Freedom! This is free software, share it for the good of yourself and your people, respect others and let them express, be free and let others be free. Live long and prosper in Peace! - http://rastasoft.org

But, no Peace without Justice.

This software is about Resistance inna babylon world which tries to control more and more the way we communicate and we share informations and knowledge. This software is for all those who cannot afford to have the latest expensive hardware to speak out their words of consciousness and good will. This software has a full range of applications for production and not only fruition of information, it's a full multimedia studio, you don't need to buy anything to express your voice. Freedom and sharing of knowledge are solid principles for evolution and that's where this software comes from.

Inna babylon, money is the main requirement to make a voice possible to be heard by others. Capitalist and fundamentalist governments all around the world rule with huge TV monopolies spreading their propaganda, silencing all criticism.

This is a struggle for Redemption from existing operating systems which always require new expensive hardware for doing the same as ever: give us free players but make us pay for producing our own voices. And the one who protects you rips you off, as the Arabs say.

and let them live in Peace, Harmony - Justice and Fairness
           live clean let your work be seen
      Big up all Friends - dash weh all frenemis
      give and get but dont get greedy nor envy

                     BALANCE IT

 Big up all fresh Juvenile - all heartical King & Queen.

                Dash whe all Copycat
           Wickedness bun ina Hotta Fire

Leggo all envy, greed and jealousy and live up to Ure work
                  perform it well
                 escape outta hell
               Babywrong is a spell
            Ure Willpower shall conquer

                Mother is Creation

Free as in speech

Commercial operating systems always give a possibility to listen - all kinds of "free to download" players, but always with restrictions and no easy way for everybody to speak out

The way communication is structured follows the hierarchy of powers already established in Babylon's mediascape and, worst than ever, money is the main requirement to spread a voice and let it be heard by others.

Nevertheless, proprietary software spreads the dependence from business companies thru the populace: whenever we share our knowledge on how to use a certain software, we make the people in need to buy the tools from merchants in order to express their creativity. This is great responsibility for anyone of us who teaches somebody how to do something with software: the need to buy will be slavery under the merchantile interests of capitalism.

So I and I decide to support development of free software for the freedom of speech, creativity and expression. One drop in this ocean is the GNU/Linux live-CD dyne:bolic: a tool to produce and publish yourself, freely. There is nothing to consume, there is all you need to create.

The roots of Rasta culture can be found in Resistance to slavery. This software is not a business. This software is free as of speech and is one step in the struggle for Redemption and Freedom. This software is dedicated to the memory of Patrice Lumumba, Marcus Garvey, Marthin Luther King, Steve Biko, Walter Rodney, Malcom X; in solidarity with Mumia Abu Jamal and all those who still resist to slavery, racism and oppression, who still fight imperialism and seek an alternative to the hegemony of capitalism in our World.

Hic Sunt Leones. And Much Blessings in Jah Luv to All Those who still Resist. Selah.

while ( love & passion ) {
  for( fight = 0 ; rights < freedom ; rights++ )
    fight = standup( rights );
  free( babylon );

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