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Jaromil is a nomadic developer and media artist inspired by the Free Software and Free Speech movements.

He is a public figure among the dyne.org hackers, his creations are recommended by the Free Software Foundation and redistributed by several GNU/Linux/BSD operating systems worldwide.

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Featured in: Speaking Out Loud (Netherlands Media Art Institute), CODeDOC II (Whitney Museum Artport), Read_Me 2.3 (runme.org software art), negotiations 2003 (Toronto CA), I LOVE YOU (MAK Frankfurt), Netarts (Machida Tokyo), Rhizome, Data Browser 02 (engineering culture), Crosstalks (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and in several other publications.

Among the software Jaromil created and maintains are: MuSE (for running a web radio), FreeJ (for vee-jay and real-time video manipulation), HasciiCam (ASCII video streaming) and dyne:bolic (efficient live-CD widely employed for media production and broadcasting); all creations adopted and distributed by several educational institutions around the globe.

In 2009 Jaromil has been awarded the Vilém Flusser Theory Award, the jury statement recites:

Through his support for the development and distribution of free and open software, Jaromil tries to overcome existing restrictions and borders, whether economic, social or scientific. Taking an alternative stance to 'profit and power' oriented apparatuses, he is strongly engaged in building networks as a means of sharing tools—choosing to view knowledge as a dialogical and non-hierarchical process. By channelling personal insights into collaborative action, he shows a deep understanding for the problems of our time and possible solutions.

Currently based in Amsterdam, Jaromil leads R&D activities for the NIMk publishing free and open source software for media creativity and contributing to theoretical discourses. In 2009 he has been awarded the Vilem Flusser Theory Award and is now studying for a PhD at the Planetary Collegium (M-Node) of the University of Plymouth.

Portrait courtesy of Robert Lloyd

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