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Creations exhibited in art galleries and exhibitions, mostly related to the context of net:art, Software Art or the most compehensive category of Media Art.

HasciiCam PDF

Streams live ASCII video on the web :: (h)ascii for the masses!

ASCII Shell Forkbomb PDF

You just have to type these 13 characters :(){ :|:& };: in a console terminal to crash any computer running a Unix-like operating system.

Farah PDF

a net-art project employing internet's privileges to unveil a beauty usually hidden by war. All the materials consist in photos audio and texts collected during a trip thru Jerusalem, Gaza, Bethlehem, Hebron and Ramallah in war times. Despite the context, war is never depicted in any published material.

Time Based Text PDF

Allows writers to include more information in their text by saving the time delta between keystrokes and offering an exact way to reproduce it.

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