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Information resources

Most of the contents inside this journal are formulated thanks to real life experiences, studies, on-line and on-site discussions and a general ethnographic approach of research on various examined topics.

An exception stands for the yearly research log, which interlaces first hand experiences with interesting things found thanks to a regular activity of reviewing news channels.

Here below is a list of on-line resources this journal recommends: zines, websites, blogs, forums, newspapers and all what is reachable on the Internet and provides interesting insights to our research.


In the beginning there was no Slashdot. Bored and confused geeks would scribble "First Post" in the sand. Grits were strictly for consumption and there wasn't a place to get nerd oriented news. Then in September of 97 Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda changed all that. With the help of Jeff "Hemos" Bates and others, Slashdot has stumbled forward with the simple mission to provide 'News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters'.


An historical magazine on media art, hacktivism and electronic music published in the south of Italy since 1993, on printed paper and electronic format, and now also translated to English. Seriously, you can't miss it: Neural.it.


A quarterly on-line magazine on contemporary art and society, well aware of all issues implied and publishing excellent essays: Slashseconds.

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