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Why this journal

About this journal

This journal is intended to satisfy the attention of those who support my nomadic development and share the faith in free and open source software, media art and DIY recycling practices.

The publishing activity here is symmetrical in time: it started in 2008 and while progressing in the future it will also include publication of materials collected in the past. All content distributed is licensed with the Creative Commons license: "copylefted" by me and, at your option, by other authors involved.

If you enjoy my musings, get inspired and like to keep on reading: please consider making a donation to keep this activity alive. The content of this journal can also be re-licensed for commercial use on request, just contact me to arrange details.

My gratitude goes to NIMK.nl and servus.at for hosting dyne.org, supporting my research and accepting me in their formidable team, as well to the bricolabs network.

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