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This section gathers all the slides used in public presentations, available in the original "PDF" format that was used as well made browsable for the web.

Design Patterns between Free Software and Permaculture PDF

Slides shown in the Free Software Nordic Society conference in Gothenburg on October 2010: a synchretic experiment to link design patterns across two very different domains and disciplines, bridging the gap between analog and digital, linking grassroot community design experiences.

Cyberpunk is not dead PDF

A look at the cultural phenomenon of cyber-punk and its progression through time, with arguments on its persistence at present time, interpreting the post-dotcom hacker movements as a plausible continuation. Staged at GOGBOT and Plumberconf, it includes movie excerpts from Lain and Brazil.

Open Source Design PDF

A progression on the critique of "closed source" design by looking at the the characteristics of "open source" systems in different fields as art, anthropology and agriculture.

Dyne.org Hackers Network PDF

Slides used for a short flash-talk presentation of the dyne.org network in the GNU hackers meeting held in Den Haag in 2010

Crowd Economy and Digital Precarity PDF

An overview of the "flexitariat" labour conditions in the digital context, presented as my #3 PhD research update in the CAiiA/M-Node joint session, 10 July 2010, Plymouth

Coltan and Blood PDF

Staged and discussed on 31 January 2009 for a Salon discussion in Transmediale.de, with the participation of Brian Holmes, Claire Pentecost, Jan Engelmann, Dominique Malaquais and "Tantalum Memorial" co-author Graham Harwood.

Warnet Indonesia (Italian) PDF

Staged on 4 January 2009 in a 20min. speech for the Premio Fava (anti-mafia journalism) in Palazzolo Acreide (Sicily), later discussed with Riccardo Orioles and other guests.

Internet of Things PDF

Staged in October 2008 for the launch of the "Internet of Things" book (ed. Institute of Network Cultures) held in the Teatrum Anatomicum of the Waag Society for Old and New Media, Amsterdam.

Kunst akademie vorlesung PDF

Lecture held in art academies during 2009

Warnet Indonesia (English) PDF

Staged in October 2008 in a 20min. speech for the Kudeta evening (Coup d'Etat and Reconciliation in Indonesia) hosted by Killer.tv in the Teatrum Anatomicum of the Waag Society for Old and New Media, Amsterdam, among other guests present: Saskia Wieringa, Heri Latief, Max Lane, Yanti.

Creazione dal basso e P2P PDF

Lecture held at the Live Performers Meeting 2009

dyne:bolic nomadic operating system PDF

Staged in July 2008 for a 15 min. presentation at ISEA2008 (Singapore) for the session "Contested Space, Contested Media" chaired by Tapio Makela.

FreeJ Vision Mixer PDF

Staged in 2008 for the Digitale Pioniers, a Dutch fund that is supporting the development of FreeJ software

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