Denis "Jaromil" Roio - Inventor, Ph.D.

Hi, I'm Jaromil

Developing free and open source software since 1999, made headlines with ASCII art and projects like dyne:bolic, Devuan GNU+Linux and the forkbomb.

Leading Dyne.org "think & do tank" within Europe flagship digital innovation projects as DECODE.

Seeking to be inspired and surrounded by team players, to facilitate the shift to a commons-based society and work hard for purposes that are worth it.

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GPG: 6113 D89C A825 C5CE DD02 C872 73B3 5DA5 4ACB 7D10

🎓 Publications

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Alma mater: University of Plymouth, Planetary Collegium

EU Grants

Affiliation: Dyne.org foundation (founder, CTO)
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Pioneer of the public code for public money campaign

⚛ Software

Downloads on files.dyne.org and code on dyne git repos
All published using free and open source licenses.

🎥 Speaking

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More free books and musings on files.dyne.org/books

𝄞 Artworks

"Arguably the most elegant forkbomb ever written, has become a secret code of recognition among hackers." Prof. Florian Cramer

DATA portraits

Time Based Text

The Spy School

Sophisticated Soiree