Denis "Jaromil" Roio - Inventor, Ph.D.

Hi, I'm Jaromil

Developing free and open source software since 1999, made headlines with ASCII art and projects like dyne:bolic, Devuan GNU+Linux and the forkbomb.

Leading Dyne.org think &do tank within Europe flagship digital innovation projects and scanning the horizon of future developments.

Intrigued by tech, minimalism and environmental sustainability, cryptography and the elegance of algorithms.

Seeking to be inspired and surrounded by team players, to facilitate the shift to a commons-based society and work hard for purposes that are worth it.

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GPG: 6113 D89C A825 C5CE DD02 C872 73B3 5DA5 4ACB 7D10

🎓 Publications

Life-long part-time academic team-player.
Profiles on Google Scholar and ResearchGate


Alma mater: University of Plymouth, Planetary Collegium

EU Grants

Affiliation: Dyne.org foundation (founder, CTO)
European research organization details
Pioneer of the public code for public money campaign

⚛ Software

Downloads on files.dyne.org and code on dyne git repos
All published using free and open source licenses.

🎥 Speaking

Articles and interviews

More free books and musings on files.dyne.org/books

𝄞 Artworks

"Arguably the most elegant forkbomb ever written, has become a secret code of recognition among hackers." Prof. Florian Cramer

DATA portraits

Time Based Text

The Spy School

Sophisticated Soiree